discobeans is delicious homemade Japanese Food and Art Gallery and Performance Space in Melbourne, Australia. We have Vegan option on all menu items! GLuten Free is available too!

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Home Catering

Our Disco Beans chef can come and cook at your house, from $40 per head, minimum 6 people, depending on location.

Our home catering has been very successful to date and we are constantly trying to improve the experience for diners and guests.

We are happy to cater for a diverse range of events from low-key dinners at home to birthdays, parties and everything in-between!

Drop in or give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

Japanese Catering

Discobeans specialises in healthy Japanese food, focusing on traditional Japanese recipes. Delectable dishes suited to a variety of tastes and preferences, vegetarian & vegan-friendly. No surprises, all options are available @ Discobeans Cafe.

Come and discuss your event requirements & sample the menu.
Yuka -Email us on yuka@discobeans.com-

Function and Event catering ranging from $10-$30 per person
Tailored to your exact function, budget & taste

Custom Mix and match menu items (all Vegan except japanese omelette)


gf = gluten free

Mini veggie sushi roll (beetroot / eggplant / lentil….) $1 each
Multi grain rice nori roll with seasonal veggie sauce $2 each
Deluxe California rolls $2 each
Steamed and salted soybeans
$2 each
Tofu skewers teriyaki sauce $3 each
Cucumber salad
Thinly sliced cucumber and seaweed marinated in grain vinegar dressing
$2 each
Gyoza (skewer)
Pan fried dumplings with organic tofu & vegetables with shichimi pepper sauce
$2 each
Deluxe black rice and veggie rice paper roll with mint sauce $3 each
Fried chicken
crispy vegan chicken portions with dipping sauce selection
$3 each
Mini tofu burger
marinated tofu with fresh salad and two different sauces
$4 each
Soba salad
Organic buckwheat noodles tossed in homemade balsamic dressing, avocado and greens topped with fours seed mix (chia, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower)
$3 each
Curry with grain rice bowls
Warming and aromatic coconut and seasonal veggie curry served with grain rice
$4 each
Spicy miso stir fry veggie $3 each
Japanese omelette
tamagoyaki style, rolled with spring onion and nori
$2.5 each
veggie sticks with homemade dressing sauce $3 each
Fruits skewers
seasonal fresh rainbow selection
$3 each
Strawberry Daifuku
fresh strawberry filled with soft sweet filling
$4 each
Strawberry Daifuku
fresh strawberry filled with soft sweet filling
$4 each
Black beans brownie
rich moist chocolate brownie (our most popular)
$3 each
Hello Kitty biscuit (gf/non vegan) $2 each
Discobeans Bento Boxes
one main selection,seasonal veggie,japanese pickles,and grain rice.
$15 each
min 20 serves

Discobeans Platters

Assorted deluxe Sushi (48 pieces)
California rolls, gourmet sauce nori rolls, pickled ginger, soy & wasabi)
Combination A (serves 6-8 people)
Gyoza, sushi, soba salad, edamame
Combination B (serves 6-8 people)
Gyoza, gourmet sauce nori roll, mini tofu burger, deluxe rice paper rolls, veggie sticks with homemade sauce
Combination C (serves 6-8 people)
tofu skewers with teriyaki sauce, veggie sticks with homemade sauce, mini gourmet sauce nori roll, fried chicken, edamame
Dips & Bits (serves 6 people)
Selection of dips on grain breads, veggie sticks with homemade sauce, marinated olives, sun dried tomato)

Discobeans Service Staff

Based upon your individual requirements,

  • Wait staff are $35.00 per hour for a minimum of three hours while at the function.
  • We usually suggest one staff member per 25 guests.
  • Surcharges may apply,(travel, after mid-night etc), all discussed at time of quote.
  • Extra service staff also available (Drink service).

Email us on yuka@discobeans.com

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